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Broken Links Monitoring

Most businesses and professionals build and maintain websites to bring visibility and credibility to their work.
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WordPress Monitoring 10 Wordpress Sites
Broken Links Monitoring No. Broken Links
Blacklist Monitoring 10 Black Lists
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Broken Links Monitoring 3 Broken Links
Blacklist Monitoring 50 Black Lists
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Broken Links Monitoring 10 Broken Links
Blacklist Monitoring 200 Black Lists
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Why fix broken links

You save time

Just like your car, your website needs to be checked regularly to see whether it is still functioning. So, you could click every link on your website manually, but that would take hours. Also, you would have to do it every day because a link can break at any moment. MySitesGuard does all this work for you automatically.

Visitors are happy

When you click a link, you expect something to appear. If the link is broken, the only thing that will appear is a frustrating error message. Your web visitors will think “If you cannot get your own website to work, how will you be able to help me?” And that is the last thing you want people to think about you.

Sales go up

Most businesses go through a lot of trouble to attract people to their website. But very few actually check what happens between the web visit and the actual sale. How many visitors failed to complete a purchase because a button didn’t work? Broken links could be costing you a lot of money.

You rank higher

There are many factors that have an impact on your search engine ranking, and user experience is an important one. Search engines try to put the best and most valuable websites first, and that also means websites that do not contain errors or broken links. Regularly checking and fixing your broken links will eventually improve your SEO.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Broken Link Monitoring?

Broken link monitoring by MySitesGuard is a web-based online tool for checking your site health. It scans web site, page or domain of any kind. As result, you can get the complete list of broken or dead links (404 errors) including anchors, images, css links and java. Also, it provides status codes (2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx, 6xx) of every single link, including redirects information (301 and other).

What causes links to break?

A sloppy update:
If you move a web page, file or image on your website and forget to update the link, the resource will become inaccessible and visitors will get an HTTP 404 message. The same will happen if you rename or delete a resource without using a redirect.

A typo:
If you misspell the link you are trying to create, it will result in a broken link. For example, if you forgot to add ".com" when trying to link to our website.

An external change:
A broken link is not always your fault. Most websites have links to external sources (for example: a link to a newspaper article in which you were featured). Those external URLs can change, even when you don't change anything on your website. And that change causes links to break.

Who uses Broken Link Monitoring?

Webmasters, Seo specialists, marketing managers, content managers, etc.

Any installation or download?

Our service is an online application. That makes it super easy for you to use. You do not have to download or install anything.