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Server Monitoring

Monitoring the performance of your servers in real time is critical to keeping your applications up and running smoothly.
From $23 per month
Uptime Monitoring 10 Web Services
Server Monitoring No. Servers
Domain Monitoring 10 Domains
SSL Monitoring 10 Certificates
PUSH Tests 3 PUSH Tests
From $39 per month
Uptime Monitoring 50 Web Services
Server Monitoring 3 Servers
Domain Monitoring 50 Domains
SSL Monitoring 50 Certificates
PUSH Tests 20 PUSH Tests
From $70 per month
Uptime Monitoring 200 Web Services
Server Monitoring 10 Servers
Domain Monitoring 200 Domains
SSL Monitoring 200 Certificates
PUSH Tests 100 PUSH Tests

Monitor key server metrics in real-time

Actionable & reliable alerting

MySitesGuard ensures you will never miss a critical alert. With deep integrations into monitoring, ticketing, and chat tools, MySitesGuard groups alerts, filters out the noise, and notifies you using multiple channels, providing the necessary information for your team to immediately begin resolution.

On-call management & escalations

MySitesGuard makes on-call management easy. Build and modify schedules and define escalation rules within one interface. Your team will always know when the situation starts to get out of hand, because they will definitely receive an alert when they reach a pre-set peak threshold.

Growing Global Network

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MySitesGuard ask for any client server password(s) to perform monitoring?

No, MySitesGuard does not ask for any server password(s) to perform monitoring.

How does MySitesGuard monitor availability of server?

A status information check (heartbeat check) is done every minute by the agent to the MySitesGuard Primary Data Center. The server's uptime is decided by how long it's been since MySitesGuard received a heartbeat check from your server.

What data is collected by the agent(s)?

Performance metrics like CPU, memory, disk usage, network stats, processor queue length (for Windows), load average (for Linux) are collected by the agents.

When does the MySitesGuard agent declare a server monitor as Down?

Refer to this article to check the scenarios when the agent will declare a server monitor as Down.

Does MySitesGuard support all formats for Public Key Certificate?

No, MySitesGuard supports only X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate formats.