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Domain Monitoring

Protect your brand and your website and ensure you have renewed your domain name.
From $23 per month
Uptime Monitoring 10 Web Services
Server Monitoring No. Servers
Domain Monitoring 10 Domains
SSL Monitoring 10 Certificates
PUSH Tests 3 PUSH Tests
From $39 per month
Uptime Monitoring 50 Web Services
Server Monitoring 3 Servers
Domain Monitoring 50 Domains
SSL Monitoring 50 Certificates
PUSH Tests 20 PUSH Tests
From $70 per month
Uptime Monitoring 200 Web Services
Server Monitoring 10 Servers
Domain Monitoring 200 Domains
SSL Monitoring 200 Certificates
PUSH Tests 100 PUSH Tests

When's your next domain expiring?

Why domain name monitoring?

domain monitoring is a service allowing users to monitor the registration status of domains. The service alerts you via email to when monitored domains are nearing expiration and when they change status. Domain Monitor lets you keep a watchful eye on your domains.

Protect your brand

Your website is often the first way for customers to engage with your organization. Protecting that engagement against spoofed domains, impersonations and hacking is critical. Identify and take down typosquatting, homoglyph, subdomain spoofing and other domain-based attacks before they reach your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to domain monitoring?

Domain Monitor is the one of our services. You need to sign up to get it.

Can I monitor domains that I don't own?

Yes. Domain Monitor allows you to monitor any current, deleted or expired domain name, whether you own it or not.

What are the advantages of using domain monitoring?

Some advantages of using Domain Monitor include the ability to keep tabs on changes to a domain's assigned Registrar, domain status or dates associated with the domain. If email notifications or RSS feeds are turned on, Domain Monitor will send you alerts when the domain's registration status, dates or Registrar changes in order for you to take appropriate action.

I have a large domain portfolio. How do I change my monitor limit?

If the domain monitors included with your membership do not meet your needs, please contact our Support Team to discuss additional domain monitor services.

How do I turn email alerts off/on?

Email notification are set On by default. You can change it any time in the settings of specific domain. Also at least one Contact Group must be created.